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.45 Love, tee 100

.45 Love, tee

Cupid with blazing .45s. Love is hard sometimes. 100% cotton tee.
Bet Your Life tee 100

Bet Your Life tee

Sometimes life is a gamble. After all, we aren't the sort of breed who sit safely behind a desk pushing paper all day. Are we? 100% cotton tee.
Boom! tee 100

Boom! tee

Whether this is a polical statement or not is up to you. 100% cotton tee.
Crimescene Apron 25

Crimescene Apron

Having a little BBQ this weekend? Unveil this one-of-a-kind treat when your guests arrive. Arterial spray up top, hand scrawl on the bottom. 100%...
Gas Mask tee 250

Gas Mask tee

The future is so bright, it might be an attack. Better safe than sorry, don't you think? 100% cotton tee.
Hear No Evil, tee 100

Hear No Evil, tee

A tasteful depiction of the classic "Hear, See, Speak no Evil." Satan character illustrated to enhance the morale; yes, that is a ball-gag. ;) 100%...
I *bullet wound* Forest Lawn 50

I *bullet wound* Forest Lawn

"I *bullet wound* Forest Lawn." A practical observation of a local housing district... 100% cotton, 10.1 oz.
Inmate tee 100

Inmate tee

Accent this one with some bling and give yourself some street-creds. 100% cotton tee.
Jolly Roger tee 100

Jolly Roger tee

A modern update on a classic favorite. We all have a little pirate in us... 100% cotton tee.
Lady Liberty 100

Lady Liberty

Is it bombs we trust in? 100% not bomb-resistant cotton.

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